Mural Competetion an der DRRS

Im Englischunterricht der zehnten Klassen wurde vor den Sommerferien ein Wettbewerb gestartet. Das neue Wandbild (Graffiti) am Forum sollte beschrieben und interpretiert werden – natürlich auf Englisch. Die zwei besten Texte – von Sabrina Oettinger (10d) und Daniela Anicic (10a) - wurden prämiert und hier abgedruckt:


Some weeks ago we got a big mural in our school. I want to describe it, now.

The Mural shows a big, strong tree. In the tree trunk as well as in front of the tree you can see pupils .Moreover you can see many footprints all around the tree, in different blue colours. You can see a strong radiant sun and a core and the tree is the result. In the treetop you can read the word ’Denk’.

I think that the painter wants to tell us the following with the tree:

In the core, there is the beginning of every pupil’s later development. The core develops to a tree. I think that the tree trunk shows us the community of the different classes and of education. In this community we should stick together and we should feel good. These qualities can protect us from external influences (footprints). Moreover I think that we will be prepared there for our later lives. The radiant sun and the blue in the background can show us the good influences like warmth, security and a friendly environment, within the community. So the treetop can develop into different branches, which show the different qualities of the pupils. Only if they develop completely, that means if everyone realizes, that we should work together and be there for each other and don’t work against each other, we can grow up to a tree or a powerful community. If we don’t live the qualities like the feeling of togetherness, acceptance and friendliness, we can’t become a strong community. All in all, it says: Together we are strong!!! Only if parents, teachers and pupils think about this, school life can be successful. It’s the same with the tree: It needs roots, the tree trunk, branches and leaves, too, to be viable.

Sabrina Oettinger, 10d


In February there was a former Edith-Stein pupil in our school, who painted a big mural on one of our boring walls. The mural is very abstract and has powerful colours. The sun has the colours red, orange, yellow and a bit white.
The middle of the sun is red and further the brighter colours come. Around and in the sun you can see half parts of circles. These “circles” are white and red. On top of them, there are lines with some dots around them. Around the sun there are red rays with some white colours and red stars.

Under the sun the tree begins. On the first view the tree looks very normal but if you take more time you`ll see several scratches on the trunk. Those scratches show a teacher, who is standing in front of a blackboard. And in front of the teacher there are pupils who are sitting on chairs.

On the big green leaves of the tree the artist wrote the word “Denk”, painted in a wonderful graffiti style. The colours are very powerful! Pink, yellow, parts of blue, white, green and so on.

When you look a bit more under the trunk, you`ll see pupils, who are climbing on that trunk. That shows, that they want to go to school. So, the big tree shows the school and that lightning thing at the end of the trunk shows the school bell.
In the background you see blue colours. But the background is painted very special. There are dots, but they are looking very strange like little blue clouds around the big tree.
When you look a bit more at the blue part of the background, you`ll see a small graffiti “Lippstadt”. In the middle of the background there are green mountains and more green parts of leaves. You can see a big painting of a child, too.
That mural shows that all kids should go to school and use the wonderful time of learning. Without school you`re nothing and you can`t find a job later.
Daniela Anicic, 10a